2021 Scholarship Practice Games for Tournament Teams

UpdatedWednesday February 17, 2021 byCarey Wrenn.

The 2021 Scholarship Practice games for all level of tournament teams are scheduled on the weekends of June 11-13 and June 18-20. The Buddy Burney Games for AA teams will be held in Clarkton and the Ralph Smith games for AA & AAA teams will be in Stanley June 11-13. The Majors and AAA games will be held in Lumberton and possibly Stanley on June 18-20. 

Letters and registration form will be posted on this site a later date.   


practice games invite- Burney.doc
practice games invite- Smith.doc
practice games invite-Majors-AAA.doc
practice games registration- Burney.doc
Practice games registration- Smith.doc
practice games registration-Majors-AAA.doc